Sirkin v. Liron

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Microsoft Word? Hell no!
I'm using Google docs, bro.
Dvorak's what I use to write my rhymes,
Popo's after me for so many crimes.

If getting high on highlighters is wrong,
Bitch, my ruler is twice as long
As your 12 inch default
Black's Law Dictionary I assault.

Big ups to the Cellular Crew...
Your rhymes are heavy like a paper weight,
even without a calculator they equate,
but for real, let's chill on the bitches and hos,
bring it back to the basics with desk-filled flows,
and for the hata mc's who think we ain't for real
this letter opener can slice more than a seal.
- mc motoflow

Yo yo, motoflow's got it right,
we ain't competin'
put our rhymes together, and
we can have VoIP meetings.

I got a hole-punch, you've got a binder,
Motoflow will provide the paper
What's that Clippy (Microsoft paperclip), you've got a reminder?

So let's sit at our desks,
and flow to impress,
and use your shredder
to get rid of this bungled up mess.

The Cellular Crew,
we be showing all you
for realz

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