Sirkin v. Devlin

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watch where you step....

So it seems you wanna battle? Now thats a big error
i've been honing my skills watch'n reruns of jim lehrer
Have you seen my desk?, or maybe my last purchase?
its clear like scotch tape that you better be nervous

Only cellular crew knows a real rhyme
cause the clock on your desk tells analog time
We know you are jealous, and have reason to be
our rhymes and desks impress, files perfectly organized: a to z

But before your KO'd, and the ref calls this match
know that its quite early 90's of you to have a stand-alone fax...

8 in the morning, you're tucked in your bed.
Dreaming of me, cause my crew's in your head.
These chumps that I'm battling are good as tab Cola
They're wasting away like they've got the ebola.

But, the Ma crew is wicked, like bees that are killer
I'll stop and say - booyaa - its called rhymin filler
No longer high tech, is Cellular technology
call me and I'll school you on lyrical mixology

Liron's hole punch is manual, its got no hydaulics
I see Sirkin went to London, where his rappin was Bollocks
And Berry is chubby, and I'm somewhat pleased
When he try to battle me, I saw that he freezed

So sit at your desk make the effort collective
Even as 3 on 1, your flows are defective
A shout out to Smallwood, my Village Ma home slice
Now I'm done with Sirkin, like my L2 with brown rice

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