Nick v. Liron

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hello there, Liron, stopped by to say hi
And also to warn you that a reckonin' is nigh
Cuz while you were busy high-fivin' your crew
Pete Devlin reinforced his crew into two

remember the days when you were so self-assured
that you used to taunt pete, and treat him like turd
"it's 3 on 1, Pete," you hope that he heard
but he wasn't scared, he saw 'twas absurd

So go play with your stapler, and your other desk stuff
So far I've been easy, but it's about to get rough
Have you ever met the old master, that guy at the Ma?
That old asian dude, (who's a professional extra)

well he's taught Pete and me, just one thing or two
and one thing's for sure, I'd hate to be you
PS: I'll stick with the theme, (and fill up some space)
and talk about desk stuff, like my pen that can erase

Oh, hi, Nick, I didn't see you there,
I was being too comfortable in my Aeron chair.
I think it's so cute y'all have formed a little band
but here are a few thing I hope you understand:

I've been to the Ma once maybe twice
all I remember is throwing up in their rice
yeah, thats right, their whole supply
they had bought enough for june thru july.

so next time youre eating there with your little boy pete
remember the story of little bo peep.
she lost all her sheep due to lack of control
too stingy to buy the new alienware console.

She could've maneuvered them all from her desk,
hold on, let me pose, my muscles are statuesque.
now lets get back to the story of little bo peep,
ill try not to make this lesson way too deep.

in conclusion, she should have trusted her supplier
who tried to sell her the best firewire
desk accessories are the only way i swear
now do as i say, like bush said to blair.

I'm glad you were sick when Ma you visited
The rice is not the issue. You're weak - stay in bed
If I remember correctly, you have a history with food
frozen chicken and a toilet, is what's understood

With noodles and burgers and soup with tofu
There's much more than rice, we've got in sto'f'you
And if you'd been strong enough to give it a chance
you'd find that the Ma /c'est tres pleine d'ambience/

So run along now, crying, to your cellular crew
and sniffling tell them of the taunts that I threw
And then you'll all laugh and act like it's a joke
But your knees will be shaking; your crotch, it will soak

I could say I'm awaiting a good response to this entry
but then I'd be lying, as to proles, landed gentry
Cuz' the truth of the matter is that when you do rhyme
the end result, as with mortgages, is mostly sub-prime

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