Nick v. Berry

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Yo Berry, what's up? Just what's going on?
Just what is this I've stumbled upon?
I'm here to join forces, with Pete against you
Yeah, that's right, I'm part of the Village Ma Crew

Pete doesn't know this yet, so it's only semi-legit
But I'm sure he won't mind us both giving you shit
So get ready, cuz' war's on with you, Eric
and I see Liron & Sirkin, but where's that chump Derek?

That's right, Eric and Derek, I know, it's been done.
But I'm starting off easy, a little stretch before my run
I hope that you're ready, yeah, I hope you're prepared
I mean you're only just reading, and you're already scared

You may think you know Kafka, and other fine lit
But I'm not intimidated; no, not one bit
Cuz I know the truth. Yeah, I know what's up
Beneath all that Shakespeare, it's just two girls, one cup

(I'm new to this thing, I'll readily admit
So I've just gotta ask, what's with all the desk accessory shit?)

Hey Nick, I'm fine, thanks for inquiring
But when my rap's done, you'll be retiring.
You've picked your side, joined the wrong team
Now you'll take a blow to your self esteem

I've seen what you can do, it ain't nothing new
I'm happy you didn't join the Cellular Crew
You can't see glory in a desk appliance
So the Village Ma Crew is a better alliance

Your rhymes are regular, they had Raisin Bran
Compared to you, I'm like Superman.
I can't find you in my Rolodex
Gonna file you under Luther, Lex.

Now don't go thinking that you're my archrival
You're gonna need some skills for that title.
Instead you're the store brand to my 3M
Your shit's so cheap, could be a scam

I do admit, your fan-club made me chuckle
From the teat of infantile humor, dost thou suckle
But now we've got Gluckman, unleashed on you, too
our vulgar attack dog; the Ma's only Jew

And I'm tired of your games with desk this and desk that
so instead I'll talk noodles, I'm givin' you the high-hat
you'll soon feel brain damaged, for which Fitzgeralds do sue
'cuz now you're on our turf, the Village Ma Crew

Your superhero comparisons did not really work
we all are quite pleased; you're more like Captain Kirk
But now I must study queen law, her highness
Responding to all your vapid posts will get me my first B -

And you see Mr. Berry, I find your rhymes lacking
with the strength of a puppy, it is you're attacking
So it is both of failure, and urine you're reeking
whether 'tis common parlance, or botanically speaking

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