Fick v. Berry

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Watch out Office Discount, Ma's got a new homeslice
Serving up rhymes like a hot plate of fried rice
My flow's fresh and tasty like broccoli with beef tips
Best hop the stairmaster I go straight your hips.

You're stocking your carrels with paper that's white
Using protractors to make angels right
I'm busting through toppling all of your tables
You try to strike back: aw shit, out of staples!

You wanted to front like you're pimping and fisting
My girl J called you out for your misogynisting
If your rhymes were as tight as the fists you're not using
Maybe your fans wouldn't be crack abusing

Oh wait, did I say "crack?" I meant MSG
Our food's so addictive, we had to add delivery
While Cell Crew is earning 10 points on Westalaw
Your fan club's on the cell dialing 900-MA

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