Berry v. Devlin

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they say you want to battle w/ the master,
this is your warning - ill start slow then take it faster.
i own the east, its my plot,
ill let you stay here, you can squat

just remember, i can evict at any time,
your money, women, and home are all mine.
tompkins park is full of my eyes,
when theyre hungry they eat belgian fries.

we can unite for the fight against the blight,
the mercer crew is trying to incite,
show them how the east gets it done,
and anyways, berrys slightly fat, he weighs a ton.

Thanks for the warning - for letting me squat!
But here's a little comeback; the master your not.
you think you own the east, but as of this session.
Devlin's in town for some adverse possession.

You can try to evict, you can call the 5-0
I'm an underdog holmes, just like Ross Perot.
But compared to old Rossy,compared to your rhymes
You're NY Post, and I'm NY Times

I don't want alliance with Berry or Mercer
I'm the new master, you were my precursor
As for Berry, his rhymes are so stinky
Too hard to flow when your eat'n a Twinkie.

I know you didn't just write that, Devl-in,
don't try to step up to Level 10.
I'm Mario to your Luigi, in Mario ONE
it's never your turn - you cry while I have fun.

Step it up to Mario 2,
You're Princess Toadstool, we're going to screw.
But we do it my way, unlike you and the backstreets,
Consider the next words my last beats for your defeat.

I applaud your tenacity, your veracity,
and your rhyming capacity
but remember as luigi youre still small
and I just got 12 coins and the power of the fireball

And in case you weren't aware,
Mario had a desk, accessories, and a chair.
He made Luigi build them all,
but Luigi did a horrible job of it, as I recall.

now youve got the 3 on 1,
that's how maverick died in the top gun.
try to pass out of it, like shaq triple-teamed
your 6-in-1 machine is not what it seems

mumbling and voice cracking is not a function
youre quite close to getting a permanent injunction
you rhyme me and see quite constantly
you forgot this battles for finding the best emcee

your rotary phone cant dial 1 for english
you stay on the line,while the women moan "oh brish"
the lead in your pencil consistently breaks,
no ergonomic keyboard, so your fingers they ache

my six timezone clock says its time for you to go
the talking alarm says you have no flow
so i bid you adieu to your eastside enclave
the cellular crew just turned it into your grave

Compare me to Maverick, that's what was done
3 dollars, go rent it - and re-watch it, son.
Cause happy ever after for Maverick and Charlie
I'm treating you dog, like small coat on Chris Farley

Your panicking now with control alt delete
clear the screen of my rhymes cause you cannot compete
With your 3 to my 1; am I scared of you trois?;
well now its a deuce for the crew village ma

I'm happy to see you know the times for six nations
while you check with a clock, I do mental calculations
so type on your keyboard and avoid painful wrists
you can try to join my crew - application dismissed

My time is too costly to spend battling this chump
He runs from my rhymes like his name's forest gumpp
So if you want lessons, take a number and sit
and come when I call you, I'm Knight Rider, your Kitt

My apologies for top gun, but
I had assumed you'd seen the director's cut.
apparently I gave you far too much credit,
you have my permission to go back and edit.

the crew village ma, it looks illegit
just a bunch of scrubs in a 7th grade skit.
if you want to compete, head to office - depot or max,
cuz our rhymes run as smooth as your ass on exlax

your shoutouts to actors is quite humorous,
i forgot about chris farley, i have to confess
as far as fat dudes, you i always figured
were more of a fan of that douche andy richter.

you and nick smallwood remind me complete
of the girls on sex and the city during fleet week
please resign because your rhymes just annoy
for i am the jesus to your drummer boy

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