Berry v. Liron

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Slide on over, my protractors measurin'
all the bitches I'll be pleasurin'
my compass is hot,
always finds the girls' g-spot

Don't have a compass on your desk?
You just lost my respect.
You ain't the office king, (oh no)
take a step back and learn some things (zing)

They come over all day
and see my desk's mahogony
The hos all say
"baby get on top of me"

My desk, it's like an oven
So hot, it gets me lovin'
When you see it's design,
Get a number and stand in line.

When I'm done screwin'
And all over there's scattered paper
"Yo, bitch, what you be doin'
go and get me a stapler"

Womens be peekin' my wireless mouse,
12.2 nanoseconds for them to take off their blouse
I've got 12 gigs of office sex saved on my external harddrive,
Me, the secretary, her friends makes a total of five.

Is that a knock at my door?
The boss is coming in?
He gives me a monetary raise,
plus a new recycle bin.

The girls I pwn w/ my office supplies,
as diverse as the colors in my inktone.
Just go ahead and give me the prize,
as the holder of the best office accesor-ize.

The ladies call me "Staples" cuz I got what they need.
A brand new CV annd a dose of my seed.
It's not heaven, baby. I know it's sweet.
Just resume paper - egg shell and wheat,

Keep your clothes on, girl, I think you're in heat
My paper'll do that. But for me, you're too petite.
I'm huge like an LCD screen
You just can't handle my lovin' machine.

I'd tie you up with my ethernet cable
But when I'm done, you'd be disabled
Be glaid I'm on a wireless connection
Otherwise you'd need some protection.

Yo yo, motoflow's got it right,
we ain't competin'
put our rhymes together, and
we can have VoIP meetings.

I got a hole-punch, you've got a binder,
Motoflow will provide the paper
What's that Clippy (Microsoft paperclip), you've got a reminder?

So let's sit at our desks,
and flow to impress,
and use your shredder
to get rid of this bungled up mess

The Cellular Crew,
we be showing all you
for realz

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